Sudanese American Soccer League (SASL)
الصفحة الرئيسية عن الإتحاد دورة يوليو 2010 مناسبات ونشاطات فنون و موسيقى الأشبال الشباب الفرق
(الإتحاد السودانى الأمريكى لكرة القدم (ساسل
الإتحاد منظمة غير ربحية، تقدم خدماتها لمجتمعات السودانيين وأصدقائهم بأمريكا الشمالية.  من خلال النشاطات الرياضية وخاصة كرة القدم  اللعبة الشعبية االأولى المفضلة لدى السودانيين، يقدم  الإتحاد خدمات ومشروعات متعددة لتطوير جاليات ومجتمعات وأفراد السودانيين بأمريكا الشمالية.
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SASL Second Annual Festival
(الإتحاد السودانى الأمريكى (ساسل
المهرجان السنوى الرياضى الثقافى الإجتماعى
بمنطقة واشنطون الكبرى – فرجينيا
الرابع من أبريل 2009
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البطولة الكبرى لكرة  القدم  
برنامج ثقافى إجتماعى ترفيهى .. موسيقى وغناء .. ومفاجاءات وجوائز

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الإتحاد السودانى الأمريكى لكرة القدم
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فى 14 مارس 2009

إجتمع مجلس الإتحاد  ومندوبى الفرق واللجان التنفيذية المساعدة
تم مناقشة أجندة هامة متعلقة ببرامج الإتحاد، ومبادرة فلاديلفيا
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About SASL

Sudanese American Soccer League (SASL) is a non-profit organization, provides its service to the Sudanese Communities and their friends at North America. Soccer is the most popular sport favorite by Sudanese. Via the sport activities, SASL provides various services.
The Sudanese American Soccer League (SASL) is a non-profit organization, founded in December 2007. Its objective is to develop, and support the Sudanese Communities in North America. SASL provides Soccer sport programs including organizing championships, training, and specialized education on Soccer sport. SASL follows FIFA regulations (Federation of International Football Association), as well as USA amateurs rules, and corporate laws.

SASL is a non-political and non-religious organization; provides its services to females, males, children, youth and adults. The major sport programs are in Soccer; the Sudanese most popular and favorite sport. Other sports also supported: Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming and Running. The mutual goal is to develop the sports in Sudan particularly in Soccer.

Furthermore, the organization provides development to the Sudanese Communities in their social life aspects, health and education. SASL assists the students to pursue their college educations by seeking scholarships or grants for their education. SASL supports the necessary training and learning to develop the individuals for better jobs opportunities.

The goals include demonstrate to North America a general knowledge about Sudan history, cultures, traditions and other interesting aspect. SASL also organizes social gathering and entertainment on various occasions for the Sudanese Communities and their friends in North America.

SASL Establishment History:
The Sudanese American soccer tournaments had being held prior to SASL establishment in 2007. There were six annual soccer tournaments held at different Cities in USA. That led to the thoughts of formalizing the effort by founding and registering an organization. The establishment went through some concerns, issues and reservations. Eventually, SASL officially founded in December 2007 based on solid valuable principles, objectives, and plans. SASL has the great strength of the know how to guide and manage the public services business on the mentioned fields and goals. The organization encourages individuals, and communities’ clubs to join and benefit from the organization services.
SASL Events:
1. At North Virginia, on March 22nd 2008, SASL organized the First Conference about Development of Soccer Sport in Sudan. The specialists conclude to valuable recommendations.

2. At Washington DC Metropolitan, on the 4th of July 2008 long weekend (3rd to 5th July), SASL successfully organized the first Soccer Championship. Ten teams participated, coming from different states.

3. At Arizona State, On November 2008, during the Thanksgivings holiday, SASL held The First West Soccer Tournament. Eight teams participated; came from WEST America, in addition to Virginia Team.

4. The organization programs are continuing on 2009, the major Soccer Tournament is scheduled on July 4th 2009 at Washington DC Metropolitan. The number of teams expected to increase than the last year.

SASL Finance:
SASL finance depends on the members’ contributions, projects, also welcomes financial support and donations from government, corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals; complies with the laws and regulations of United State of America.